Monday, September 08, 2008

behold - the uncle willie!

at my parent's house there is a tin-type on the wall of a gentleman only known to me as uncle william. he seems to be a somber young man in his late twenties, early thirties. the most striking thing about uncle william is his SWEET handlebar moustache. i saw this picture for the umptieth time this summer and decided to grow what i affectionately refer to as an uncle willie. it's been growing for about three months. today marked pearl river community college's centennial celebration, and several of the faculty dressed in period clothing to mark the day. i also took the opportunity to unveil a severely waxed version of the uncle willie for the first time in public. happy birthday pearl river, and god rest the soul of uncle william.

1 comment:

superdog87 said...

Got to love the look... :D

The mustache is great, you should keep the mustache curled up for a bit. haha Maybe integrate the mustache into a Halloween costume?..