Tuesday, September 30, 2008

economics 101

lots of ideas floating around out there on the financial crisis and what to do about it. we need to get back to the basics. spend less that you make. save for a rainy day. help those who truely need help. we've lost most of these concepts along the way somewhere, from the individual to the nanny state that the us government has become. after lots of reading and careful consideration of which one article to pass on to both of my readers out there, i've settled on martin masse's piece in the national post. in his article
Bailout Marks Karl Marx's Comeback, masse argues correctly, i think, that out of fear we are about to adopt marx's proposal number five which, in effect, puts the government in charge of centralized credit. wow. we are actually considering giving this over to a bunch of yahoos that can't even make a profit in their own cafeteria. short term pain is worth the long term loss of liberty. while this is an uncomfortable choice, it should not be a tough choice.

Friday, September 26, 2008

i love the smell of bacon in the morning (or at any time of day)

one of life’s pleasures for me is football. there’s not really an aspect of it that i don’t like. some of my fondest memories in life revolve around what is a great sport. this year, our college had a faculty/student game of flag football that was quite a blast. there was an all-star sort of quality to it in that there were “celebrity” announcers and refs, so many faculty and students involved that only a few series on each side of the ball was possible for each player, and some good natured ribbing going back and forth between teams. long story short, we all had some fun. an added bonus – the faculty won 20-13.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

never forget

to all the men and women from the president and the military to the police, fire, and emergency personnel on the street who have kept us safe from another attack on our own soil: thank you for being always faithful.

Monday, September 08, 2008

behold - the uncle willie!

at my parent's house there is a tin-type on the wall of a gentleman only known to me as uncle william. he seems to be a somber young man in his late twenties, early thirties. the most striking thing about uncle william is his SWEET handlebar moustache. i saw this picture for the umptieth time this summer and decided to grow what i affectionately refer to as an uncle willie. it's been growing for about three months. today marked pearl river community college's centennial celebration, and several of the faculty dressed in period clothing to mark the day. i also took the opportunity to unveil a severely waxed version of the uncle willie for the first time in public. happy birthday pearl river, and god rest the soul of uncle william.