Tuesday, September 30, 2008

economics 101

lots of ideas floating around out there on the financial crisis and what to do about it. we need to get back to the basics. spend less that you make. save for a rainy day. help those who truely need help. we've lost most of these concepts along the way somewhere, from the individual to the nanny state that the us government has become. after lots of reading and careful consideration of which one article to pass on to both of my readers out there, i've settled on martin masse's piece in the national post. in his article
Bailout Marks Karl Marx's Comeback, masse argues correctly, i think, that out of fear we are about to adopt marx's proposal number five which, in effect, puts the government in charge of centralized credit. wow. we are actually considering giving this over to a bunch of yahoos that can't even make a profit in their own cafeteria. short term pain is worth the long term loss of liberty. while this is an uncomfortable choice, it should not be a tough choice.


Bezner said...

Dude, I could not agree more. The crazy thing about this bailout was summed up by Jon Stewart the other day: "The government only wants to help you if you've f---ed up really big. If your f--- up is enough to ruin the world, then we want to help you."

Sheesh, where did we go wrong?

By the way, nice football pic. What happened to the Willy?

e. l. wood said...

tragic shaving accident. you can NEVER be TOO careful when you're shanving and waxing your willie.