Thursday, November 20, 2008

what country do you think this is?*

lately, it seems the gop has attempted to have life imitate art. unfortunately, they chose the theater of the absurd to immolate in the last election cycle. and clearly, even after the election, some folks in the party still don’t get it. this is poignantly illustrated by congressman joe knollenberg (republican, michigan) at around the three minute mark of the following clip. note knollenberg’s answer to cavuto’s question, “where do you draw the line with our money?” joe’s answer is not unlike the clock in perandello’s play , the bald soprano, which strikes the hour twenty-nine in one scene and “as many times as it wants” in another. there’s a disconnect here that is becoming more and more bizarre as the calendar turns.

*garage attendant - ferris bueller's day off


Bezner said...

I love that garage attendant.

Lady Liberty said...

Diggin' your blog, dude. In fact, now that I've sort of figured out this whole blog thing, I'm going to spare my family and friends and commence to ranting on my own blog, "Liberty Confetti."

As A told you, we got pretty fired up with the politics last night!! But it was fun to be with like-minded folks so we could shake our heads in bewilderment together.

If you have a chance, check out my blog sometime.

My best to you and yours, Comrade!

e. l. wood said...

thanks lady liberty! sweet blog alias, i might add. i'll swing by your spot soon. get yer guns before january;>

steve - ask jb about going to see ferris bueller and new jack city when we were kids. good times, good times.