Monday, November 17, 2008

fashion trends in the deep south

as an instructor on a college campus, i see a range of fashion year to year, season to season. every now and again, a fad or trend will surface that piques my curiosity as to how and why said fashion evolved. currently, a bizarre trend grips our deep south campus where the temperatures during the months of october and november average around 85 degrees for highs and about 45 degrees for lows. on any given day, more than half the co-eds are wearing shorts accented by snow boots with fuzzy trim. are these folks hot or cold? when is the last time it snowed on this campus? does the bookstore carry odor-eaters? is the circulation in their extremities poor while their core temperatures remain above average? is this look popular in current pop culture? is this a statement on the alleged global warming? what would mr. blackwell think of this look, god rest his soul? while not as troubling as the billed cap worn cock-eyed or as strange as a toboggan with a bill, i do wonder what these young folks are thinking as they dress for the day. probably the same thing i was thinking during the early 1980’s while sporting argyle patterns suited only for exclusive links courses or pastel tee-shirts and white jackets with the sleeves rolled up a la the set of miami vice. huaraches and mullets, anyone?


Bezner said...

Wow. I've seen those boots but not with shorts.

And I had one of those Miami Vice jackets. It was yellow. Seriously.

Bezner said...

Oh, and I had a Michael Jackson jacket a la the "Thriller" video.


Joy Bezner said...

I saw this look today with a miniskirt and tights.

laura g said...

It looks like she is about to morph into the abominable snowman, from the feet up. Geez.