Monday, November 06, 2006

why i'm sick of he who shall not be named

there are multiple reasons that would make for a good blog, but if i wrote about them, i would become part of those who have been sucked in by the deadly siren that is he who is over rated and full of himself. so - i will just briefly say that jerry jones is a fool for bringing this circus to town; the cowboys could have had a special year without the likes of an average receiver whose sound and fury signify little or nothing. sadly, i think we will lose the big tuna after this year because of i haven't caught a ball in a clutch situation since donning the silver star's presence.


Steve Bezner said...

No doubt. The drop yesterday from Romo when the ball was perfectly placed in mr. i'm a receiver but have hands of butter and rock simultaneously drove nuts.

Cole said...

I agreee. And, how about that Romo?