Monday, November 06, 2006

just do it



The author of 'Just do It' has an
enviable background in Academia.

All I can hope for at this age is a
B.A. in Common Sense, but having a
difficult time finding the school with that curricula listed.

So, I'm Home-schooled! Authoring a
Reality Weblog keeps me on my toes!
Check 'History' Post.

Comment? Record first name & town.

Cole said...

Too bad about the outcome. Dems all ready to raise minimum wage--what a stupid idea. I guess we'll see.

e. l. wood said...

yeah - get ready to pay $50.00 for a medium pizza so we can have affordable housing for all the illegal immigrants. and - free health care for everyone! yippieeee!

Wheezyboy said...

There you are Snake, it seems you have not appreciate my reply to your e-mail. Just to keep you update, I made a post on my blog just for you :