Monday, October 02, 2006

things i like and am grateful for in no particular order

the comforting smells
of a clean, freshly painted room
falling leaves
& a newly cut lawn
cheap oily torpedo cigars
& dogs;

the gentle sway of the hammock
& the taste of ice cold beer;

the soft squealing sounds of joy
& the slapping of smooth, tiny hands on my face
waking me from a nap


Cole said...

How about little tiny hands with an oily torpedo cigar in one and a cold beer in another? You could combine all these somehow...

e. l. wood said...

actually, ben walker toyed with the idea of coming to the halloween costume party as kate when she's 16, complete with track marks and junkie pimp in tow. i was amused, but only slightly. you, too, are funny my little friend.