Sunday, September 10, 2006

never forget


laura g said...

were you teaching that morning?

e. l. wood said...

actually - i was inbetween classes and listening to the radio on the net when the news broke. how 'bout yourself?

laura g said...

i was still a student at ACU - in an Ethics class, actually - debating right and wrong and world views. eerie to think about how the terrorists were/are so convinced that their actions were honorable.

Cole said...

Sad moment, E-man.



I appreciate your comment on our
Weblog. I have been interested in
Comparitive Religions for most of
my adult life.

Hammurabi gave us the first Written Law 1800 BC. That's 600
years before the 10 Commandments!
Much of the Bible deals with Iraq, and today's Christians unaware.

Understanding Islam is fine study,
but the net results are grim stuff.
A Kill-Culture wrapped in a Pious
Doctrine of Allah! Whewee.
I found your janus project on the
{Next Blog} Tag. I have found some great "friendlies" there. How does a Weblog qualify for that great contact point. I'd like to get the
Snake Hunters on a MerryGoRound that produces more "Comments!"
How did your 'project' qualify? reb


e.l. wood

Left an eMail for you. Hope to achieve a friendly back & forth.

Would really appreciate knowing... how you managed to get YOUR blog on
{Next-Blog} Go-around! reb