Wednesday, March 01, 2006

technology is great until it doesn't work

technology is great until it doesn't work. how many gadgets and gizmos do you have that seem like a good idea at the time but don't actually work when you need them? atm's, butane lighters, computer software, itune radio recievers, battery operated baby swings. i remember standing in line with my parents on pay day and getting the cash we would need for the month minus the fees and headaches associated with the convienence of today's atm's. the three or four butane "wind proof" lighters i have never seem to work when i want to fire up a cigar indoors, much less in the wind. computers - forget about it. i've been trying to figure out how to start this blog for over a week now. and i may be wasting even more valuable time writing this entry that may or may not ever be "posted". my buddy has an ipod that he touted as the musical equivilant of sliced bread. but on a road trip this weekend there was more than just a bit of static produced on the car speakers. i'd rather listen to road noise and contemplate road kill in silence than listen to cd technology filled with more static than a bad 45 lp while crystal clear cds sit at home in deference to this modern marvel. and i seem to remember baby swings having cranks on them that never really wore out. as it is now - i need to buy stock in a battery company, and i certainly don't hear any of my green friends with children bemoaning how many batteries we are all contributing to landfills while our future sleeps soundly via mechanized bliss. all this is to say - i sure hope this post makes it - or i might just abstain from blogging.

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Steve Bezner said...

Hear, hear!

But I still love my iPod.

One of my friends often talks of the philosopher Gillian Rose who says that technology has acutally made us a slave rather than freeing us.

I think she may be right...