Thursday, March 02, 2006

isn't janus a mutual fund?

a financial institution wisely chose janus to symbolize their company. after all, janus is the roman god of gates and doors whose double-faced head is able to look in opposite directions at both the beginning and the end. he is a representation of cycles - planting season, harvest, marriage, birth, beginnings, endings. janus is a transitional figure in roman culture, representing the shift between primitive life and civilization; between the rural and the urban, the agrarian and the industrial; between peace and war; between youth and age, innocence and wisdom. he can see both the reality of what was and the hope of things to come. janus, for me, represents the very present moment where the dichotomies of humanity occupy the highest tension. this moment, while standing, albeit often uncomfortably, in the doorway, allows us to live fully, experiencing a imminent sort of sublime precariously perched between vertigo and chi, change and tradition, order and chaos, hope and despair, justice and grace, the temporal and the eternal. in some way, our entire lives are about transition, and we are always standing at the threshold occupying the exact moment from which we can look both backward and forward, certain of the past and expectant of the future.

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Steve Bezner said...

Wow. I never knew that.

I always thought that the symbol was some play on the theatre masks of comedy and tragedy...