Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012 Mississippi

What could be better? A festival type atmosphere with 7,200 of the south’s athletes and thrill seekers; running, lots of mud, barbed wire, more running, steeple chase type walls and crawls, more mud, cargo net climbs both vertical and horizontal, more running and more mud, fire jumps, rope climbs, swimming in muddy creek crossings, pole slides, balance beam runs, more mud and more running, slogging over or under submerged logs in 50 degree water, more mud, tire runs, rope above and below over water crossing, more mud, and finishing it all successfully in 49:14:15.

 Oh yeah - all this along with music, beer, and turkey legs!!! The Warrior Dash in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday was awesome!

If you ever want to challenge yourself and help raise money for a good cause (St. Jude’s), there are worse ways to spend a Saturday.

e. l. wood (left; 275 of 625 in age 40-49; 2,382 overall)
Superman Kimball (right; 28 of 625 in age 40-49; 273 overall)
*Special Thanks to Bethany & Adam for the socks*

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