Thursday, October 07, 2010

viva texas rangers

i’m a forty year old baseball fan who grew up in dallas pulling for the rangers in the old minor league stadium. growing up, some highlights for me as a fan include getting to see guys like the following play and manage at the ball park (these appear in no particular order as they pop into my mind): billy martin, toby harrah, gaylord perry, bobby valentine, charlie hough, pete incaviglia, jose canseco, will clark, rusty greer, mitch williams, julio franko, jim sundberg, rubin sierra, juan gonzalez, harold baines, kenny rogers, buck showalter, kevin brown, and, of course, o captain, my captain, the nolan ryan.

and a big thank you to ryan, not only for the memories as a hall of fame pitcher, but also for creating new memories from the front office. thank you for putting together a fun product on the field. ron and the boys are so much fun to watch. it’s a treat to see a texas rangers team playing ball the right way and winning. the last couple of seasons have been a blast!

and yesterday was yet another great day in what has been a joyous season (other fans can complain about losing all they want; but when you’re only a 50-year-old club and have never won a playoff series, that trumps curses and droughts in my book). wow. game one down (thanks, cliff lee . . . you ‘da man!)

keep the claws and antlers flying high!!!!!

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