Wednesday, January 20, 2010

friends in low places

one of my heroes is a high school buddy of mine, will white. he was a year ahead of me, but took me under his wing as a freshman. we both played trumpet in the band; he took me on trips with his church youth group where i was introduced to rappelling, horse back riding, and camping out under the milky way in capitan gap, new mexico; we played pranks on folks and each other all the time. will was always one of the good guys.

one thing i always admired about will was his singular focus to become a pilot and fly planes for a mission organization. and that’s exactly what will did when he grew up. will and his family have been working in haiti for years, flying for mission aviation fellowship.

will’s duties include, providing transportation, supplies, housing, encouragement, and support for missionaries and national church workers in haiti. will is also the haiti program flight scheduler; in this role he takes requests by email and phone from local missionaries, teams coming from the US, and haitian pastors and christian worker, and coordinates them with the 3 aircraft and 7 pilots, as well as managing the ongoing maintenance schedule of the airplanes.

i was relieved last night when an email from will appeared in my inbox. he and his family are safe. his wife and kids are already back in the states, while will stayed behind, already involved in helping supplies get to the front lines.

if you get a second, while you’re praying for Haiti, include will and his family. they’re good folks doing good work.

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