Wednesday, December 05, 2007

in a world full of people only some want to fly, isn't that crazy

there are moments in time that remind us of our passing youth and imminent mortality. this past friday was such a day for me. one of my childhood heroes – evel knievel – made his last jump, from this world into the next.

as a kid, i remember watching his jumps on abc’s wide world of sports, pretending to be evel knievel on my huffy thunder-road bicycle, and wearing out three different ideal evel knievel super stunt cycle sets.

one of the greatest jumps Evel ever made was the lead of faith he made after years of resisting God. as the uk telegraph reports , “Like many American icons whose careers are distinguished by their bad boy behaviour, Knievel later found God. He became a Christian in April, and was honest enough to confess that he had refused for 68 years to convert, because he didn't want to surrender ‘the gold and the gambling and the booze and the women’. But the night before his death, sensing his imminent demise, he telephoned friends to ask them to pray for him, declaring he was ‘ready to be with God’".

i look forward to asking for evel’s autograph when i get to heaven.


Bezner said...

That video is awesome. I have no idea how he got the idea to jump stuff on his motorcycle, but I'm glad he did.

superdog87 said...

The video was super good. I believe it was awesome, him standing up and realized their is a God, then surrendering his life to him. Definitely a wild guy. I would have been cool to see him jump something live.