Tuesday, November 06, 2007

10 Things That Should Be Brought Back Into Vogue

10. The right to tackle NFL quarterbacks.

9. Attention to detail no matter what the endeavor.

8. Basketball as a non-contact sport.

7. Studying more than 20 minutes for a major exam.

6. Men who act like men and women who act like ladies.

5. $1.00 a gallon gas.

4. The concept of shame.

3. Pocket watches.

2. Reading.

1. The straight razor shave.


Bezner said...

That's a great list. For some reason the studying, reading, and basketball as a non-contact sport really got me excited.

I also think that the straight razor shave should be made available in every town for a reasonable fee. But it ain't easy, cheesy.

Cole said...

I love that photo, E-man. That's you, buddy. Looks like a shot right out of Leaving Cheyenne, the best book ever written.