Tuesday, January 09, 2007

you gonna eat that last piece of bacon?

sadly, football season is drawing to a close. the tigers didn’t do too shabbily, and did what they could to prove to the collegiate world that the SEC is the best conference in college football, bar none (just a foot note here . . . the tigers were the only team to beat those national championship gators this season). the ‘boys, on the other hand, just about drove me slap insane. for those of you keeping score at home, he who shall not be named led the league in dropped passes. is this like babe ruth leading the league in strikeouts? somehow i think not. i hope the era of the big tuna in big d is not over, but who knows what the off season mind of j. j. might dream up. the pearl river bunch managed to make it to the national championship game at the juco level but alas, victory eluded them (unfortunately for some both on the field and in the classroom). sometimes i wish, ever so briefly, that i had been born without the gene that makes one give a flying hoot about sports. it would make life so much more simple on fall and winter weekends. but then again, life would not be nearly as much fun with out gridiron competition. so - with that said - let’s look to the future. predictions: #1 - the tuna will stay, as will he who shall not be named, tony romo will rebound and go on to become one of the more stable qbs dallas has had since aikman. #2 - the hire of nick saban will prove not to be the salvation of crimson tide football, but will serve as a model of american appetite for sport over academics. #3 - sometime in the next five years, pro qbs will be required to wear flags and/or, as terry bradshaw has mentioned elsewhere, dresses. #4 - my classroom will continue to be woefully under-equipped while the sports budget of my academic institution continues to grow and be supplemented by alumni.


Steve Bezner said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your post and your predictions...I just hope Romo can survive the offseason.

Cole said...

Welcome back, E-Man!

I totally agree that Romo will be THE MAN. He had a big mistake, but he's still ultra talented. Now, I know the unnamed drops passes--a lot--but you can't discount his ability to block and draw two covers...right?

Still--I hope Tuna stays and he leaves.

e. l. wood said...

yeah - the old deon sanders argument is tempting to latch onto while contemplating the player whose name shall not be named. however - mark my words - the cost is too high. at a pivotal moment (and i would argue there are already numerous ones to choose from this season) he who shall not be named will be more of a liability than an asset. and maybe without the mouth, i could tolerate him. but if you're THAT good, and you continue to spout off about it, try not to flub a routine catch that hits you in the numbers. call me old fashioned, but i love the barry sanders of the world . . . you know . . . the guys who flip the ball to the ref after a td because they are just doing their jobs.